Robot Ethics - UKRE

UK Robot Ethics is a national forum set up to establish the ethical norms to be considered through the whole life cycle of a robotic system. Its design, deployment, use and disposal.

It is open to all interested stakeholders.


Robot technology is rapidly advancing and robotic systems, once the preserve of industry, are increasingly found in domestic and other non-industrial applications. These new robots will operate in an environment that will bring them into close contact with members of the public. For example, medical robots that enhance the capabilities of surgeons and robotic devices in personal care applications

Implementation of these robot systems raises ethical questions. From concerns over data integrity to more complex issues related to the degree to which a system for a given application should be automated.

UKRE has been formed to work on these issues. To provide a forum for debate and to produce guidance documents to help all those involved in robotic systems, from design, through deployment, use and finally disposal. It was originally formed by members of a BSI committee working on safety standards for non-industrial robots and retains that link but is very keen expand and engage with as many interested stakeholders as possible

The group meets in person and via Skype and is planning to organise meetings and events to further its aims and objectives.

If you are involved or interested in robotic systems and would like to participate in the work of UKRE please contact us at